2020 Julia User and Developer Survey

24 August 2020 | Andrew Claster & Viral Shah

This year, 2,565 Julia users and developers participated in the second annual Julia User and Developer Survey - up from 1,844 participants last year. This year, the survey was administered in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and German.

The survey was presented during JuliaCon, and highlights are included below. The slides are available for download.

Who Are Julia Users and Developers?

Who Is Using Julia in Production?

22% of professionals who have used Julia for more than 6 months use Julia in production for a business critical task and 22% use Julia for development as part of a team. 34% use Julia either in production for a business critical task or for development as part of a team.

What’s Changed Since Last Year?

How are New Julia Users Different?

What Else Did We Learn?

What Do Julia Users and Developers Like Most / Least About Julia?

Julia users and developers most appreciate Julia’s speed and performance, ease of use, open source, MIT license and the community of Julia developers.

From 2019 to 2020, there was an increase in the percentage of respondents looking for reduced compile times and time to first plot, and a decrease in the share of respondents who say that Julia doesn’t have all the packages they need, or that those packages aren’t mature or well-maintained enough.

Technical Features

Non-Technical Features

Like Most

  1. Speed, performance
  2. Ease of use
  3. Open source
  4. Solves the two language problem
  5. Multiple dispatch
  1. Free
  2. Talented and active community of developers
  3. MIT license
  4. Warm and welcoming community of Julia developers
  5. Easy to create packages

Like Least

  1. Takes too long to generate first plot
  2. Slow compile times
  3. Packages aren’t as mature or well-maintained as required
  4. Cannot generate self-contained binaries or libraries
  1. Colleagues, company, collaborators use other languages
  2. Not enough Julia users in my field/industry
  3. Online tutorials and documentation are outdated
  4. Not enough Julia users
  5. Insufficient documentation

Why Julia?

Julia users and developers say they started using Julia because: